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Neither APA nor MLA Styles provide a format for citing information inside a PowerPoint slide. This is something you should ask your teacher in order to figure out his or her preferences. There are several possibilities on how you could do this.

1. Insert a References (APA) or Works Cited (MLA) slide at the end of your presentation and list your references there. In PowerPoint create a text box and format your citations exactly like you would in Word for a normal paper. Then when you use the informaton in your specific slide make an appropriate in-text (parenthetical) reference to the source from your References or Works Cited slide.

2. Create the citation directly on the slide where the information is presented. Simply add a text box and create the properly formatted citation in it. Use a small font, 8 or 9 pt. for the citation. For the image, I would place the text box with the citation directly under the image.  For the text, I would place the text box with the citation at the bottom of the slide.

Again, these are just two ideas. Neither citation style offers any suggestions on how to do this. You should consult your instructor for his or her preferences.

Good luck and let us know if you have more questions.

Nora Rackley

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